Fireworks II
Fireworks II
"When we look at the planet today, it is obvious how man's lack of understanding, coupled with his greed and ignorance, has managed to make him not the husbandman of the Earth, as Adam was asked to be, but rather the rapist of the planet itself. The Earth is the Mother, the woman who carries the seed in her womb as it grows back towards the light. We have stolen from the Mother, who uncomplaining, has borne the pillage of the past and is only now showing us the results of our own stupidity. Now man must understand woman, and the creative female energy, so that he may learn to catalyze the Earths energy with cosmic force to give birth to a golden age - the second cycle of mankind."
By Reshad Field "Steps to Freedom"

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I am presently working towards my next solo show.

Work currently on display:
  • Selected works may be viewed at my studio, by appointment only. Victoria Art Studio, 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, SA. Cell: 082 4421094
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