2014 - 2018

I began this series of small paintings during a period of great loss, separation, illness and injury. During this period my process had to change. I was no longer able to stand and paint, let alone move large canvasses around. I reduced the scale of my paintings dramatically so that they fitted comfortably in the palm of my hand. Sitting down and scaling down allowed for a greater intimacy between my work and myself to arise. I became more aware of the canvas as a whole, as a three-dimensional object with its front surface, sides and back. I prepared the canvasses in different ways before I began painting in oils. With 'Moonrise' I stretched silk over the canvas, with 'Skull I' I applied layer upon layer of oil primer, finally sanding it to a smooth alabaster-like finish, after-which I applied gold leaf imitate and with 'Floating I' left the canvas weave apparent. The sides are an extension of the painting and so I intentionally chose to leave these small works unframed so as to enhance their physical vulnerability. For me, the act of painting is like a soothing balm, allowing me to enter a private space of introspection and meditation. My paintings are my medicine. Dealing with grief and wanting to befriend my melancholia, I made over 20 small canvasses, they remain fragile relics of a time of healing my mind, body and soul.

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